Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So...What's happening now?

Currently, 3 of the 4 team members (Aimee, Drew and Steph) are in Kigali, Rwanda for 10 day orientation workshop, which began on 8 June. While in Kigali, team members are able to meet with other OLPCorps members from across the country and world, who are all about to depart on this amazing experience.

The workshop includes: group activities, training with the XO laptops, technical presentations, and updates for the laptops. Members will receive an introduction to project based learning and how to incorporate activites on the XO laptops, while being encouraged to create unique projects for their specific deployment site.

The 10 day orientation is going to strengthen the knowledge of the XO laptops and the comfort of working with them. It will increase unity among team members in direct teams as well as the other teams going to different places.

It will be soon when everyone will be arriving in Grahamstown (approx. 18 June for the 3 in Kigali, and 29 June for me!), where we will finally begin to directly work with the children and the community!

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