Thursday, June 4, 2009


No doubt, these next few weeks and months are going to be busy. We'll be sure to keep you posted on all the latest news as it happens, using our somewhat fancy gadgets that we'll soon figure out. Before you know it, we'll put the tech in GTECH... yes, i just said it.. hah.

Here's the plan for the coming days.

6th June: Drew and Stephanie leave Grahamstown and arrive in Kigali by the evening (Port Elizabeth-Kenya-Kigali)
7th: I'll reach Kigali in the morning (Singapore-Dubai-Joburg-Kenya-Kigali
8th-17th: Orientation and Training session for the 30 OLPCorps Teams in Kigali
18th: Steph, Drew and I will return to Grahamstown
22nd: Community Presentation Ceremony for the XOs
29th: Anna arrives in Grahamstown from MA

That's the gist.. till the next post, here's the XO icon in our favourite colours: Gburg (orange and blue) and Rhodes (purple and white!).. cool, i know ;)

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