Thursday, June 25, 2009

First day back home

We have a few visitors with us from the US joining us for a little. They’re a team from General Mills, very generous contributors and donors to OLPC and OLPCorps particularly. They came to see first-hand what OLPCorps will be doing, and we’re very grateful and blessed that we got to share our Grahamstown story and perspective with them!
It’s hard to believe I’m back here (I’m sorry if I don’t stop saying that this entire trip!). Too many emotions running through me right now but everything tremendous, to say the least. I got to visit St Mary’s the day after I got in, jumping right into things here. As the kids came streaming into the centre, it was just pure joy to get to see so many of the kids from a couple years back, and also a lot of new faces. I got lots of second looks from the kids, thinking they recognised a familiar face from somewhere. Sure enough, a bunch of them put the face together and ran over for hi’s and hugs. Some pulled me over to the wall at the back of the room where photos hang of past volunteers at St Mary’s – just double checking it was me :)
Highlight of the morning for me was when one girl threw her arms around me and said, “you remembered us!” Believe me, it took everything in me to stop from crying!
Oh boy, I can’t wait to get this project going!

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