Tuesday, July 14, 2009

eXOcuse me?

Oh the frustration of customs and burea-crazy. The days are quickly passing by, and the 100 XO laptops are still stuck in Johannesburg customs. Even though these laptops are donations, customs has placed a monetary value on the laptops and it exceeds the ZAR20,000 limit. This is in spite of the fact that we are working with non-profits, but once again formalities and paperwork gets in the way of progress! Luckily, we have some XOs on hand; 8 in all from us team members and extras purchased, so we have been able to manage working with the children in small groups at a time.

It has worked so far because it is the primary school holidays; many children are away with family and so the afterschool is also closed. Kids have come in small groups, and we have been able to manage working with two people max on each XO. However, the holidays are coming to an end this week. We really need to get these laptops that have been stuck in customs for over a month!

Know anyone in Johannesburg customs? Help us out! :)

Aimee & Anna

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